“Past the Moon;” music by Jena Root. Commissioned by the Good Company Vocal Ensemble, 2023.

The Refrain and Three Gibbous Songs; music by Samantha Hogan, 2023.

The Stretch; music by Katherine Pukinskis. Commissioned by ROCO for Alecia Lawyer and Kristin Wolf Jensen, and by Galit Kaunitz and Jacqui Wilson (Double Reed Dish), 2022.

Comforter of the Soul; music by Lisa Neher. Commissioned by Shannon Gravelle and Bethany United Methodist Church, Madison, Wisconsin, 2022.

Gilgamesh Weeps; music by Lisa Neher. Commissioned by Shannon Gravelle for the Tenor/Bass Chorus at the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh, 2022.

Girls Love Horses; music by Jessica Rudman, commissioned by Nanette McGuiness and Ensemble for These Times, The Cassandra Project, 2021.

“A Bee,” “Winter Transformation,” and “On the Lawn,” in Gathering Rounds; music by Stacey Philipps, 2022.

Spooky Songs for Young Singers 2: “Spider Dog,” “What Will you Be This Halloween?;” music by Lisa Neher, 2022.

The Radiolaria Salute You; music by George Harvey, 2020.

She Calls It a Fairy Tree; music by Elaine Fine, 2020.

“Letters in the Green;” music by Lisa Neher, 2020.

Spooky Songs for Young Singers; music by Lisa Neher, 2020.

Fire and Dust; music by Stephen Vincent Casellas. Premiered at the N.E.O Voice Festival, July 2020.

“Strawberry Man;” music by Lisa Neher, commissioned and premiered by Arwen Myers, April 2020.

A Forest that is a Desert; music by Jessica Rudman for the Choral Arts Initiative. Premiered by the Choral Arts Initiative, June 2019.

Water Songs; music by Allyssa Jones, 2019

Four Songs for Lady Macbeth; music by Jessica Rudman, commissioned by Charity Clark. Premiered at “Speaking Her Truth” by the Hartford Opera Theater, 28 April 2018 by Charity Clark.

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