Fire and Dust; music by Stephen Vincent Casellas.
Premiered at the N.E.O Voice Festival, July 2020.

“Strawberry Man;” music by Lisa Neher.
Premiered by Arwen Myers, April 2020.

A Forest that is a Desert; music by Jessica Rudman for the Choral Arts Initiative.
Premiered by the Choral Arts Initiative, June 2019.

Four Songs for Lady Macbeth; four poems for a song cycle by Jessica Rudman, commissioned by Charity Clark.
Premiered at “Speaking Her Truth” by the Hartford Opera Theater, 28 April 2018 by Charity Clark.
Performed as oratory, Bloody, Bold and Resolute: Macbeth Day at the University of York, May 2017.
Performed as oratory on Screaming Poetry 3, 2016.

From Wild Sleeping Waters; eight poems for a song cycle by Jessica Rudman.

Water Lines; five poems for a song cycle by Allyssa Jones.

Fontainebleau Chansons; four poems for a song cycle by Jena Root for soprano Margaret O’Connell.
In progress.

All of the Leaves; three poems for a forthcoming song cycle by Jen Wang.
In progress.

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