Creative Works


The Date is Set, a chamber opera with music by composer Lisa Neher.

The Harbingers, an a capella opera with music by composer Rosśa Crean.

To be premiered in Chicago, October 2019.

Marie Curie Learns to Swim, a chamber opera with music by composer Jessica Rudman.

Premiered at “Speaking Her Truth” by the Hartford Opera Theater, April 2018.

Tobermory, an opera based on the short story by Saki with music by Edward Caine.


Fontainebleau Chansons; four poems for a song cycle by Jena Root for soprano Margaret O’Connell.

A Forest that is a Desert; music by Jessica Rudman for the Choral Arts Initiative.

Premiered June 2019.

From Wild Sleeping Waters; eight poems for a forthcoming song cycle by Jessica Rudman.

All of the Leaves; three poems for a forthcoming song cycle by Jen Wang.

Water Lines; five poems for a forthcoming song cycle by Allyssa Jones.

Four Songs for Lady Macbeth; four poems for a song cycle by Jessica Rudman and commissioned by Charity Clark.

Premiered at “Speaking Her Truth” by the Hartford Opera Theater, 28 April 2018.

Performed as oratory, Bloody, Bold and Resolute: Macbeth Day at the University of York, May 2017.

Performed as oratory on Screaming Poetry 3, 2016.


“Selenic Lore,” and “My Antlers,” Lily Poetry Journal, 2019.

Juried Poet, Houston Poetry Fest; poetry reading October 12, 2019: “Unseen Stars,” “Texas Water Code,” “Hurricane Season.”

“My Golem,” “Selenic Lore,” “March to June,” and “New Train Song,” In Parentheses 2019.

“East Wind to Paradise,” Bacopa Literary Review, 2019.

Four Songs for Lady MacbethThe Shakespeare Multiverse, ed. Louise Geddes and Valerie Fazel (forthcoming).

“Frost Ascending,” Climbing Lightly Through Forests, ed. Rose Lemberg, Aqueduct Press, 2019. Volume in memory and honor of Ursula K. LeGuin.

Prelude to Protectress, Curating Alexandria, 2019.

Brumadinho,” Havik 2019: Magic Tricks.

Apparitions,” Wizards in Space 4 (Spring 2019)

My Mother is a Poem by Yeats,Wordgathering 12, no. 4 (December 2018).

Invasive Species,” Infinite Rust (Fall 2018)

Moscow’s Rejected Margaritas;” “Lady, Maid, Invocation;” “Highway Drone,” Penumbra 5 (Summer 2018).

“Outside In,” Translating Chronic Pain (2018).

“A Haiku Year,” Panoplyzine 7 (Summer 2017).

“Pumpjack Andante” and “Coyote Sits,” The Waggle, Summer 2017.

The Swimmer,” vox poetica,  2016.

“Six Epilogues for Caliban,” lunch, Summer 2015.

VarnishedThese Fragile Lilacs, Summer 2015.

Carrot Haiku,” Tule Review, November 2014.

“Lovers Misread Envy Horses Homonyms,” Upstart: Out of Sequence: The Sonnets Remixed (Parlor Press, 2014).

A Cellist’s Lament,” Hartskill Review, April 2014.

“Professor Medusa,” Haggard and Halloo, April 2013.

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