Upcoming writing workshops and other events

I’ll be going a somewhat rare in-person reading at the Writespace Houston poetry reading and open mic on 23 February at Antidote Coffee on Studewood St. Please wear a mask to this event, especially if you plan to sit close to the reading area.

A painting of a woman seated at a desk writing. Her clothes and surroundings suggest that she is from a wealthy early modern family.
Master of the Female Half-Lengths, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

I have two workshops and a 6-week course coming up with Writespace Houston. Writespace offers scholarships for all workshops and courses, and you don’t need to be a member to receive one. I encourage everyone interested in taking a workshop or course to apply for as scholarship. Here’s what students say about my teaching.

On Saturday, 10 February, I’ll be leading a 3-hour workshop on short poetry called “Poetry in the Palm of Your Hand.” The course description is:

Poetry doesn’t need to be long to be profound or funny or beautiful. Discover the joys of writing short poems in this one-day workshop. We’ll talk about using limited forms like haiku to help us be more creative, and how to create an entire scene or mood in just one short stanza. We’ll find inspiration in everyday objects, tell stories in short works, and explore rhyme, meter, and free verse. Writers of all levels are welcome.

Starting 6 March, I’ll be teaching a 6-week course called “Building the Poetry Collection.” Description:

The full-length poetry collection ranges from 40-80 pages or more, and, while often organized thematically, can be presented in a multiplicity of ways. In this 6-week course, we will focus on the elements needed to build a full-length poetry collection—poetry, of course, but also intent, writing mindfully, editing and revising our own poems, and workshopping each other’s work. In addition to writing, we’ll read three poetry collections (titles TBD) and discuss them during the course. We’ll talk about finding or identifying our audience(s), curating our collections, publishing, and presenting our work to the public. Participants will leave this course with several new poems appropriate for their collections, a better understanding of the poetry collection as a genre, and how they want their own collection to be organized and presented.

Writers taking this course should be experienced poets who can commit to weekly reading and writing assignments.

On Sunday, 30 March, I’ll be teaching a 3-hour gentle generative workshop on “Writing and the Natural World.” My “gentle generative” workshops are all about offering prompts, providing positive and useful feedback, and being supportive. They are perfect for beginning writers, writers trying out a new genre or style, or writers who just want some new prompts. Description:

Do you love reading and writing about the natural world? Did you read Vesper Flights or Braiding Sweetgrass and think, I want to do writing like that? In this workshop we’ll explore writing about nature, from insects to supernovas and koalas to oak trees. We’ll discuss how nature writing works in a wide range of genres, from non-fiction to romance to mysteries and speculative fiction and poetry. Our writing exercises will focus on observation and detail, making connections between nature and personal experiences, what it means to be honest in writing about the natural world, and how to develop a unique voice in writing about nature. Open to writers of all genres and experience levels, this Gentle Generative workshop offers a welcoming and supportive space in which to practice writing and share writing thoughts.

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