Happy book birthday to GRAB!

Grab, my collection of dark fantasy and horror poetry, is out today from Red Ogre Review! Sponsored by a grant from theĀ Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers Association, it contains werewolf drama, eldritch entertainments for royalty, a guided tour of dangerous and fantastical labyrinths, spells for snow, far-seeing, and playing the cello, a Ukrainian love story, and unexpected haiku. Come dance on skulls, see the Erlking stopped in his tracks, and find out how a baby gets raised in a house of witches.

The cover of Grab. On the back cover, letters in black and red spell out "grab" and my name. On the front is a painting by Sara Maino, a flurry of brushstrokes in black and red and grey.

The outstanding cover art is by Sara Maino. What do you see in it–a reflection, the tracks of an unknown monster, or perhaps a tricky fox disappearing before your eyes?

Buy a copy here, and, if you can, buy a second one to donate to your local public or school library. If you donate one or more copies, email Matt Bullen, editor-in-chief of Red Ogre Review, at info@ogre.red and let him know, and he’ll add your name to the list of sponsors. Email me as well at kendraleonard@pm.me and I’ll send you a personalized and signed bookplate!


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