Sense of Self and Opera Elect at New Music Gathering 2023

Opera Elect has been chosen to perform Sense of Self, one of my operas with composer Lisa Neher, at New Music Gathering 2023! Joining Portland pianist Stephanie Thompson, Jordan Bowman and Madelein Bowman of Opera Elect will reprise their roles as Maya and Naomi in the production, which will be free to the public. The production will take place in Lincoln Hall at Portland (WA) State University, a fully ADA-compliant venue, on Friday, June 24, at 2:00 PM in Lincoln Hall, Room 115 (Studio Theater).

In Sense of Self, triathlete Maya’s hopes for the coming race season come to a sudden halt when she is diagnosed with breast cancer and must decide between surgical options. Her coach, Naomi, is ready to tackle recovery and reconditioning with a positive attitude and the latest wellness trends, but Maya isn’t ready for those yet. She has to consider how her choice impacts her entire future—as an athlete and as a whole person.

Sense of Self gives voice to the power and joy of female athleticism, the strength of women’s friendships, and to the challenging decisions women must make when confronted with breast cancer. The opera explores the impact of cancer on women’s sense of empowerment, plans for the future, family obligations, and self-image, and offers a vision of strength and hope for reinvention and renewal.

You can download the libretto here or via the QR code below.

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