Now out: Woodlands

I’m delighted to have three poems–“She Calls It a Fairy Tree,” “Replenish,” and “Ghost Jam”–in Woodlands, a new poetry anthology featuring poems from 49 writers on forests, the woods, the mysteries of nature, and myth, edited by the superb d. ellis phelps. The paperback is available from amazon here.

Here’s a snippet from “She Calls It a Fairy Tree,” which has also been set by composer Elaine Fine, available on IMSLP here. The poems were inspired by photographs (below) by my friend Angela Wagner, who takes stunning pictures in and around Asheville, NC.

Let me slip
into that beautiful space
where the tree meets the ground,
that entrance, shallow-seeming,
to an arboreal world,
fantastic, unknown.
If I just turn my shoulders,
I will pass through the twin arms of bark
and trunk
into that warm
and through,
an elsewhere.

A mountain stream cascades through greenery. Stones form a trail leading up Mt. Pisgah A lantern hands from an ivy-covered tree

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1 Comment on “Now out: Woodlands

  1. Congratulations on your publication in Woodlands! Such a beautiful poem to go along with my photos. You inspire me to get back into sharing my photos. I’ve continued taking them, but have been lazy about posting.

    Congrats again Kendra!