Hidden Narratives: Women and Music in Popular Entertainment

I’m delighted to share that Hidden Narratives: Women and Music in Popular Entertainment, edited by Paula Bishop and me, is under contract with the University Press of Mississippi. In this volume, authors focus on under-recognized women and their work in musical industries and communities. The book will be out in 2022. Here’s the TOC:

Introduction, Paula Bishop and Kendra Preston Leonard
Chapter 1: She takes up music as a profession”: Women Organists in the Nineteenth-Century South, Candace Bailey
Chapter 2: Agnes Woodward’s Whistling School and White Women’s Musical Labor in the US, Maribeth Clark
Chapter 3: Women’s Compiled Scores in Early Film Music, Kendra Preston Leonard
Chapter 4: Listen to the “Poor Girl’s Story”: (Re)Considering Southern Femininity in Early Old-Time Music, April L. Prince
Chapter 5: Housewives’ Choice? Vera Lynn as Lady DJ in the 1950s and 1960s, Christina Baade
Chapter 6: “A Belly Full of Spaghetti and Ears Full of Song”: Felice Bryant and Country Music Songwriting in the 1950s, Paula J. Bishop
Chapter 7: Goldie and the Gingerbreads: A Case Study of the All-Girl Band in 1960s Rock and Roll, Brittany Greening
Chapter 8: Song And Sentiment in an Appalachian Woman’s Private Lyric Notebook, Travis D. Stimeling
Chapter 9: Finding Hidden Women in the Feminist Narrative: Candie Carawan and Music in the Civil Rights Movement, Kristen M. Turner
Chapter 10: Come Go With Me to Freedom land: Black Women Musicians and the Unexplored Sonic History of the March on Washington, Tammy Kernodle

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