Tomorrow: Spooky Songs for Singing

Tomorrow, tune in to Facebook live 1 12:30 PST/2:30 CST as my collaborator composer Lisa Neher and Jessica Saunders of Saunders Voice Studio introduce a new set of songs for young singers!

The songs will be published through Lisa’s company, and will include sheet music and accompaniment sound files, so your singers can practice at home and perform online.

I loved writing the lyrics for these three songs! “The Ghost of the Wych Elm,” based very loosely on a real-life mystery, asks if you’ve seen this sad ghost, out in the woods and searching for her hand and her name. In “Werewolf Song,” singers get to howl and growl as they turn into werewolves and chase more mundane critters through the streets. Finally, you’re invited to join zombies, mummies, and more at “The Witches’ Party,” full of spooky fun.

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