Experience The Harbingers on YouTube

Join me on August 14, 2020 at 7:30 pm Central time for the YouTube premiere of The Harbingers, a cappella opera with music by Rosśa Crean and a libretto by yours truly. I’ll post the link for the video on the 14th.

The Harbingers was premiered on Halloween night 2019 at Chicago’s beautiful Rosehill Cemetery in the beautiful Horatio N. May Chapel.

Composed for 10 vocalists, The Harbingers brings together mythical gods of death to debate the ultimate fate of a doctor who has recently died. The Celtic Donn sings the afterworld into existence, where the doctor’s Soul finds herself surrounded by soft light and a gentle breeze, and in the company of the psychopomp and angel of death Azrael. But this calm moment ends abruptly as gods of the afterlife arrive to take the soul to their realms. The Soul is claimed first by Hel of Norse legend, and then the Morrigan of the Celtic world. The Turkic and Mongolian god Erlik, too, lays claim to the Soul, and the arguing gods call upon the Greek Fates–Clotho, Lachesis, and Atropos–to judge their claims. This process is interrupted by the appearance of Sekhmet, a god of Egyptian myth, who tries to woo the Soul, promising her great things. As the Fates examine the Soul’s life, the complexities of that life repel some gods and attract others, and the Soul must decide whether to accept the invitations of a death god, be reborn, or leave the destiny of her afterlife up to chance in the river that leads to the afterworlds.

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