Premiere of Fire and Dust

Get your tickets now to the NEO Voice Festival, being held online July 24-25, 2020, to hear the premiere performance of Stephen Vincent Casellas‘s settings of two my poems in his new work “Fire and Dust” for soprano, piano, and fixed electronics. Here is the text:

“Isolation and Old Observance”
Mind your fire at home,
so come May it will burn in the fields.
Watch for the dawn through the window,
as the Bede searched for her in his books.
Make three joyful leaps alone,
to have dancing together this summer.
Apart on the land, feed the hares their crops,
apples in sun on the cross-quarter day.

“Ossuary Garden”
under artfully arranged brambles bodies
each creates cathedrals of ribs where
the grubs may take communion,
where each offers vertebral apartments
for beetles, side by side by side,
or feeds the ever-growing rosebush

beneath, tunneling, building, knocking down
like the sea to sandcastles the once-cat
feeding the ever-growing rosebush

gone-hound enriching the violets and weeds
feeding the ever-growing rosebush

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