New resources for carillonists!

Tiffany Ng is one of the world’s top carillonists in addition to being an excellent scholar and teacher. She has rung bells old and new, commissioned new music for carillons, and teaches at the University of Michigan, where she’s developing all sorts of new resources for carillonists. She’s a strong advocate for making sure that works by minority composers are performed, and has recently written two guides for helping performers and instructors program more diverse composers. Check out her outstanding (and open access!) “International Bibliography of Carillon Music by Women, Nonbinary, and Transgender Composers” and her (also open access) annotated bibliography of African American carillon music (originally published in the journal GCNA Bulletin).

You can follow Dr. Ng on Twitter at @carillonista and @GoBlueBells and listen to her at her YouTube Channel.

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