Making Mythology draft cover

The cover design for Making Mythology has arrived:

Download (PDF, Unknown)


Professor Medusa
Epilogues for Caliban
Making Mythology
Moscow’s Rejected Margaritas
Four Songs for Lady Macbeth:
–Shout Dirge
–The Song of the House Martin
–Lady, Maid, Invocation
–Cradle Carol
My Golem
How to Use a Labyrinth
March to June
From Wild Sleeping Waters:
–Frost Ascending
–My Antlers
–Falls and Finds
–Selenic Lore
–Kupala Night
–Change of Season
Coyote Sits
The Swimmer
All of the Leaves:
–My Mother is a Poem by Yeats
–Concerning Hobbits
Invasive Species
A Haiku Year
Texas Suite:
–Blackjack Agitato
–Pumpjack Andante
–Highway Drone
At the Cinema, 1927
East Wind to Paradise
Supplications to the Water Gods:
–Chevy in the Hole
–Bayou St. John
–Another Thing about Flint
–The Texas Water Code
Unseen Stars
The Departure of Welcome
A Forest that is a Desert:
–In the Stony Mountains
–Shadow Reel to Last Breath
Stheno in Suburbia

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